Biography of Ad Konings

Cichlid Expeditions

1. Lake Malawi: since 1980. Have visited Malawi 37 times, Tanzania 6 times, Mozambique about 17 times. Dived approximately 1900 hours in the lake.

2. Lake Tanganyika: since 1986. Have visited the lake 15 times. Burundi 3 times, Tanzania 10 times, Zaire/Congo 3 times, and Zambia 6 times. Dived approximately 1200 hours in the lake.

3. Mexico: since 1989 (for cichlids). Have visited the country at least 18 times for cichlid trips. Have underwater photos of almost every cichlid species found in the rivers.

4. Ecuador: in 1993 (not really for cichlids (Galapagos), although I did some underwater video in the Rio Napo).

5. Belize: since 1996. Have visited country twice.

6. Nicaragua: since 2000. Visited many crater lakes and other lakes, and rivers. Have visited country six times.

7. Brazil: in 2012. Expedition on Rio Negro.

8. Guatemala: in 2017. Lakes Petèn and Izabal.

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