Celebrating Cichlids by Ad Konings
Celebrating Cichlids
from Lake Malawi and Tanganyika
by Ad Konings

Just the words “East African Rift Lake” convey sufficient magic to attract the attention of those that have never even heard of cichlids. Imagine a body of water as large as the state of Maryland, filled with crystal clear water — fresh water — and teeming with millions of gaudily-colored fishes. Just like a coral reef without the salt water, the currents, and the tides. And Africa has two such lakes, both ....... read more.
ISBN 1-932892-02-8
About the author.
Cichlids have fascinated Ad Konings since he was a teenager and he has devoted most of his life to studying these remarkable fishes. With almost 2000 hours of underwater observations in lakes Malawi and Tanganyika, he is able to provide firsthand accounts of the intricate behavior of the lakes’ denizens. Unite this with his stunning photographs, displaying the cichlids at their best — in their natural habitat - and the  result is the finest possible showcase for Rift Lake cichlids. 

Ad Konings (El Paso, Texas) is a biologist by profession and has authored more than 15 books relating to cichlids. He has also written hundreds of articles for magazines internationally and given numerous lectures on cichlids in more than 20 countries. He specializes in underwater observation and photography of cichlids, and when he isn’t diving he hikes the Chihuahua desert with his wife Gertrud.