Malawi CD-ROM 2001The Cichlids of Lake Malawi
by Ad Konings

The first CD-ROM produced by Cichlid Press. It contains all the forms and geographical variants of the Malawi cichlids described in the third edition of "Malawi Cichlids in their natural habitat". A total of 5122 (!) photos give the most comprehensive overview of these beautiful fishes, and they are just a click of the mouse away. Species can be searched by genus name, species name or trade name. Browsing the species is made easy by displaying a small photo of the species highlighted. Many species have separate populations usually showing differences in male breeding coloration. All of those are present and can be browsed in the species screen. Each photo is accompanied with a location spot on the map and pressing that spot shows the scenery at that locality. It is also possible to show all localities of a particular species at once which gives a good indication of that species' distribution. Clicking either spot on the map will then show the form of the species at that locality. The entire map of Lake Malawi is available as an interactive map and about 200 locality photos are linked to positions around the lake. Many of them aerial shots provided by Dr. Paul Cooley of the University of Manitoba.

The program on the CD-ROM only works in 
Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP
ISBN 0966825543