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You are about to browse the largest collection of photos of cichlids available on the internet! Photos are being added on a daily basis. There are more than 3000 photos on the site right now! These photos are available for use on your website or for your private collection. They can be purchased in two different sizes: 400 pixels and 800 pixels wide. 

A 400 pixel photo gives you an excellent possibility to display a particular species. If you want a larger photo, for instance for wallpaper or opening page of your website, a 800 pixel photo is also available. All photos are of top quality and only available here. 

On the following page you can select from thousands of photos, each of them will be stored in your shopping basket. After you check out a confirmation e-mail is sent to you from PayPal. During business hours you will receive your ordered photos within 30 minutes of ordering (they are not on the internet). 

All photos are sent as JPEG files at maximum quality. You may want to scale down the quality before you put them on your site to expedite downloading. It is advisable to mark these photos with the name of your website. The photos are not visibly marked but remain copyright by Ad Konings. This means that you cannot publish these in printed publications or sell them to others. You can, however, use them as often as you want on your website. 

Browse the menus in the upper frame and enjoy your cichlids! Ad Konings

Here you can still access the free Cichlid Presswallpapers.