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Back to Nature guide to Nano Aquaria
by Fohrman, Kienjet, Töning
ISBN 978-91-89258-15-0
34.50 Details
Back to Nature guide to
by Ingo Seidel
ISBN 978-91-89258-11-2
36.50 Details
Trophy Discus
by Dick Au, Dr. Sun See Seng & Dr. Francesco Denitto
ISBN 978-1-932892-04-8
29.50 Details
Back to Nature guide to Discus CD (pdf)
by Dick Au
ISBN 978-1-932892-07-9
17.95 Details
The Cichlid Fishes of Western Africa
by Anton Lamboj
ISBN 3-928819-33-X
70.00 Details
Midas Cichlid Species Complex 
ISBN 0-9668255-6-X
14.95 Details
Enjoying Cichlids. Second Edition. 
Editor Ad Konings
ISBN 0-9668255-7-8
39.95 Details
Back-to-Nature Aquariumguide
by Kjell Fohrman
ISBN 0-9668255-2-7
29.95 Details